About Us

Maha is the Sanskrit word for "great, mighty, abundant". Engage your own greatness! We are Littleton's soulful yoga studio and shamanic healing center. We offer yoga, Qi Gong, belly dancing, energy work, and massage along with a plethora of amazing and wonderful workshops. 

Our Mission

This beautifully sacred space has been created to delight your soul. It is filled with such love and vibrantly positive energy that you feel like you are home upon entering. We provide a place for your mind, body and spirit to experience tranquility, transformation and magic.


Sunday 10–11AM, 4:30–5:30PM
Monday 10AM–1:30PM, 5:15–8:45PM
Tuesday 10AM–1:30PM, 5:15–8:45PM
Wednesday 10AM–1:30PM, 7:45–8:45PM
Thursday 10AM–1:30PM, 5:15–8:45PM
Friday 10AM–1:30PM
Saturday 10AM–12PM
Maha Soul Schedule

Find Your Zen!

Looking for services for your soul? 

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