Menu of Yoga
This is to help you navigate what class may be best for you to start with according to "sweat" level. We do not offer hot yoga, so this is strictly on the sweat level you may experience during class. Please click on the button above to see our classes offered this week and get scheduled.

No sweat:
Hot Stone Restorative
Tuesday 10am, Tuesday 7:30pm

(Donation based 30 minute experience)
Sunday 7:45pm

Monday 4:15pm

Wednesday 10am, Thursday 7:30pm 

Yin Restoration
Sunday 6:30pm

Very Little Sweat:
Easy Flow 
Sunday 10am, Tuesday 8:30am, Saturday 8:30am

Flow & Meditation
Monday 7:30pm 

Intuitive Asana and Restorative
Wednesday 4:45-6pm

Traditional Hatha
Monday 8:30am

Yoga with Essential Oils
Tuesday 6:15pm
Medium sweat:
All Levels 
 Wednesday 8:30am, 
Friday 10am, Saturday 10am

Candlelight Flow 
Thursday 6:15pm

Wednesday 12pm, Thursday 12pm

Mindful Movement
Monday 6:15pm, Tuesday 4:30pm

Morning Yoga
Tuesday 6:30am

Vinyasa Flow 
Thursday 10am, Friday 11:30am

Vinyasa Flow Infused
Sunday 11:30am (Medium to Big sweat)
Big sweat:
Vinyasa Flow Infused
Sunday 11:30am (Medium to Big sweat)

YogaFor Strength
Thursday 4:45pm
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